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Your Dependable Atlanta Warehouse Partner

At Certified Logistics, we understand that logistics needs are not one size fits all. With full capabilities in warehousing, distribution, and 3PL, we take time to tailor our services to your company’s individual needs.

The result?

A true partnership and a seamless client experience. No account is too small and we take great pride in the fact that many customers that have been with us from the beginning and have grown with us since 1976.

With decades of experience paired with reliable customer service and the latest technology, our Atlanta warehouse services range from packaging and labeling, quick transportation, dependable distribution, and 3PL expertise. We know you have many choices when choosing your logistics partner, and we are dedicated to ensuring your customer experience is second to none.

We proficiently provide Atlanta warehousing services for

General commodities, bonded warehousing, bar code services, same day shipping, order fulfillment, literature fulfillment and much more.

Our extensive packaging services include inspecting, repairing, shrink wrapping, labeling and re-labeling, price stickering, inserting coupons for promotional campaigns, and repackaging products that have been returned from retail reclaim centers. We also offer promotional packaging, packaging of point of sale displays, along with any customized packaging to meet your business goals even more.

Packaging and Labeling Services:

  • Differentiate Packaging for Domestic or Global Markets
  • Repackaging
  • Over-wrapping
  • Value Packing
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Labeling
  • Price Stickering
  • Couponing for Specific Regions or Markets
  • Point-of-Sale Displays

Consistently reliable transportation is essential for your business. Certified Logistics routinely delivers 95% of all orders to their destinations in the Southeastern states the next business day. We offer guaranteed delivery dates, expedited shipping, and freight consolidation. Whenever the need arises, we also have the means to deliver your product to any U.S. destination the same day. As a result, our customers enjoy freight cost savings of up to 72% on their LTL shipments as well as up to the minute tracking updates on shipments.

Transportation Services:

  • Manage Expedited Transportation
  • Guaranteed Delivery Dates
  • Real-time Information Management
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • Freight Consolidation
  • Courier Services
  • Pool Business of Small Companies to Increase Leverage

Our live customer service and order desk capabilities allows your staff and your customers to directly place their orders with us, which bypasses other time-consuming steps and increases efficiency. Through our inventory control and shipping system, we can accept orders from customers and process them via EDI. Therefore, we are also able to carry out your credit check and invoicing requirements.

Customer Services:

  • Screen Employees
  • Contract Labor
  • Manage Productivity
  • Temporary Personnel Available

From serial number control and cross-docking services to pick and pack lines, accuracy and dependability are essential in the warehousing and distribution process. Our team is experienced in handling serial number and lot control for a range of commodities including computers and electronics. We provide break bulk and cross-docking services, allowing you to utilize our state-of-the-art warehouse for your short and long term needs. We also have extensive experience in handling bar coding along with pick and pack requirements for a variety of different product lines and various shipping methods.

Warehousing and Distribution Services:

  • Contract Warehousing
  • Manage Inventory Systems
  • Serial and Date Control
  • Scheduling and Replenishment
  • Break Bulk and Cross-Docking
  • Assembly
  • Sub-Assembly
  • Pick and Pack Lines
  • Bar Coding
  • Inspection/Testing
  • Order Entry: Accept Orders from Customers and Process via EDI

Certified Logistics offers customized solutions including freight payment, auditing capabilities, reverse distribution repairs, and much more. Location is key when deciding on your mailing services hub and the United States Postal Service’s Atlanta region has the best record for efficiency in mail handling and transit. Our familiarity with postal service rules and regulations offers a competitive advantage for your marketing campaigns as well.

Third Party Logistics Services:

  • Freight Forwarding
  • Import/Export Services
  • Logistics Consulting
  • Price Marking and Ticketing
  • Product Repair and Reprocessing
  • Inside Deliveries
  • Salvage and Scrap Disposal
  • Mail Order/Mailing Services
  • Reverse Distribution Repairs
  • Disassemble and Scrapping of Product
  • Returned Goods Management
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